Brymill Cryogenic Systems Closed Cervical Probe Brymill Sharp Pointed Conical Tip

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  • Their larger size means more LN2 must be used to cool the tip to the required temperature of -30°C to -50°C
  • Although still manufactured they have be superseded by the mini probe range when it comes to smaller facial lesions
  • Their advantage over the mini probes comes when treating larger lesions as their larger heads maintain their cold longer
  • All contact probes come fitted a silicone exhaust tube to ensure the vented LN2 is directed away from the user and patient
  • By applying pressure onto a lesions with a Contact probes you can reduce vascular flow, create a quicker deeper freeze and thus reduce the a freeze time
Stock # 1059166
Manufacturer # 216
Brand Brymill
Manufacturer Brymill Cryogenic Systems
Application Closed Cervical Probe
Type Sharp Pointed Conical Tip
UNSPSC Code 42296501

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