OWLS-II: Listening Comprehension (LC) and Oral Expression (OE) LC/OE Hand-Scored Kit Elizabeth Carrow-Woolfolk

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Ages: 3-0 through 21-11
Testing Time: 20-30 minutes
Administration: Individual
Qualification Level: B

Building on the strong theory and research underpinning the original OWLS, the Second Edition of this highly regarded test offers an integrated, global approach to oral and written language assessment. Moreover, a helpful new handbook, Foundations of Language Assessment, explains the theory upon which the OWLS-II is based, making it easier to understand the test and interpret results.

OWLS-II scales are normed on a sample of 2,123 subjects, from 3 through 21 years of age and nationally representative in terms of gender, ethnicity, geographic region, and parental education. Age- and grade-based norms are provided.

The OWLS-II evaluates Listening Comprehension, Oral Expression, Reading Comprehension, and Written Expression. Each of these scales assesses four linguistic structures:

  • Lexical/Semantic
  • Syntactic
  • Pragmatic
  • Supralinguistic

Because it looks at the same linguistic structures across four distinct language processes, the OWLS-II provides an unusually detailed, coherent, and integrated assessment. Although its four scales can be used separately, together they give you a comprehensive score profile that pinpoints language delays, identifies strengths and weaknesses in all areas, and guides intervention.

Listening Comprehension and Oral Expression Scales

Together these two scales assess receptive and expressive language in 3- through 21-year-olds. Individually administered, both use basals and ceilings to ensure that examinees are given only items that closely approximate their ability levels. Neither scale requires reading on the examinee's part, and both scales feature colorful, updated artwork that's balanced in terms of race, gender, and physical differences.

The Listening Comprehension Scale measures receptive language. The examiner reads a stimulus word aloud, and the student responds by indicating one of four pictures that best depicts the meaning of the word. The Oral Expression Scale measures expressive language, requiring the examinee to answer questions, finish sentences, and generate sentences in response to visual and oral prompts.

OWLS-II LISTENING COMPREHENSION (LC) AND ORAL EXPRESSION (OE) LC/OE HAND-SCORED KIT INCLUDES: 10 LC/OE Record Forms, LC Easel, OE Easel, LC/OE Manual, and Foundations of Language Assessment, all in an attractive carrying case. (©2012)