Differential Processing Training Program: Linguistic Tasks By Kerry Winget

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Differential Processing Training Program: Linguistic Tasks By Kerry Winget

Ages: 6-12Grades: 1-7

Students develop skills for language, reading, and writing with progressive tasks that help them attach meaning to and manipulate letter and sounds in words.

These lessons help students move toward effortless processing of auditory and linguistic information. The lessons individually and as group, teach students to recognize word sounds and to pair those sounds with letter symbols Each one- to two-page activity has a goal and a performance grid for easy measurement, identification of error patterns, and documentation of progress. The lessons are grouped into two skill areas:

Phonemic Manipulation

Children learn that words are made of individual sounds and combinations of these sounds affect the meaning of the word. The tasks focus on listening to the sounds that make up words, differentiating between similar sounding words, and manipulating both the syllables and the phonemes that make up the words. The lessons develop these skills:

Phonemic Segmentation
Phonemic Deletion
Phonemic Substitution
Word Awareness
Phonemic Isolation
Phonemic Blending
Phonemic Addition
Phonemic Rearrangement

Phonic Manipulation

Children learn to associate letters with sounds and generalize the letter sounds to new words. They practice manipulating letters in words and spelling words. The lessons develop these skills:

Letter Recognition
Sound Spelling
Phonic Substitution
Phonic Deletion
Word Spelling
Rhyming Awareness
Sound Naming
Phonic Addition
Phonic Rearrangement
Word Reading

155 pages • 8.5 x 11, softcover • 2007

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