Differential Processing Training Program: Linguistic Tasks By Kerry Winget

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Differential Processing Training Program: Linguistic Tasks

Ages: 6-12Grades: 1-7

Target the processing skills that underpin steady, consistent language development. This systematic progression of tasks focuses on word relationships, prosody, and language organization.

These lessons individually and as a group, teach children to manipulate increasingly complex units of language. Each one-page activity has a clear, measurable goal and a performance grid for easy measurement, identification of error patterns, and quick documentation of progress.

The lessons are grouped into three skill areas:

Word Relationships

    Associationsùrecognize and explain associations; generate associated words
    Comparisonsùidentify and explain similarities and differences
    Synonyms ùidentify, generate, and compare synonyms
    Antonymsùrecognize and generate antonyms
    Multiple-Meaning Wordsùidentify, explain, and define multiple-meaning words
    Similesùidentify similar characteristics, identify items by characteristics, complete and generate similes

    Prosodic Interpretation

      Emotionsùrecognize and infer emotions and identify emotional intonation
      Sentence Intonationùrecognize intonation, infer sentence meaning from intonation, use intonation appropriately
      Stress and Rhythmùdiscriminate syllable and word stress and rhythm, interpret changes in stress and rhythm

      Language Organization

        Convergent Namingùidentify objects from clues, discriminate and identify categories, identify commonalities among objects
        Divergent Namingùname category members by function, parts, and attributes; complete analogies
        Feature Descriptionùdescribe objects by attributes, parts, and function; generate effective clues about object

        155 pages • 8.5 x 11, softcover • ©2007

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