100% Curriculum Vocabulary Grades 6-12 on CD by Lynn Eggleston & Laura Larson

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100% Curriculum Vocabulary Grades 6-12 on CD by Lynn Eggleston & Laura Larson

Ages: 11-18Grades: 6-12

Align vocabulary instruction with the curriculum and give at-risk students the vocabulary they need for success in the classroom. These lessons progress systematically and give plenty of practice opportunities.

The 100% Series boost language performance with:

a broad scope of skills
hierarchy of activities
hefty amounts of practice

100% Curriculum Vocabulary is divided into 43 six-page lessons that are appropriate for individual instruction, small groups, or entire classrooms. Each lesson presents a group of ten words and uses this progression of activities:

word definitions
fill-in-the-blanks using words in the word bank
word associations using words in the word bank
write a sentence using each word
crossword puzzle
word search puzzle

The lessons are grouped by subject areas that are further divided into related topics. The subject areas and examples of the vocabulary words are:

Artùcasting, collage, contour, pigment
Biologyùaorta, heredity, herbivore, embryo
Consumerùbalance, expenditure, mortgage, residential
Earth Scienceùatmosphere, deciduous, delta, epicenter, condensation
Englishùapostrophe, metaphor, plagiarism, their/they're
Governmentùeconomy, monarchy, majority, veto
Healthùintrovert, dehydration, emphysema, bulimia
Historyùsecede, ration, colonies, loyalists
Keyboardingùdirectory, header/footer, cursor
Mathùangle, denominator, integer, volume.

287 pages • 8.5 x 11, softcover • 2002

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