Early Functional Communication Profile (EFCP) By Sharlet Lee Jensen

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Early Functional Communication Profile (EFCP) By Sharlet Lee Jensen

Ages: 2 through 10Testing Time: 30 to 45 minutes

The targeted skills are hallmarks of atypical development in the preverbal child. The profile measures subtle, functional changes in nonverbal communication skills in children with severe disabilities along with larger gains in children with moderate disabilities. Use it to gather information that will help determine a starting point in therapy and show progress over time.

The Early Functional Communication Profile is appropriate to use with children who have:

suspected or diagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorder
severe to profound cognitive impairments
coexisting disorders
augmentative and alternative communication

The Early Functional Communication Profile is a criterion-referenced tool. As such, it does not supply age or number scores. The test's precise descriptive measures tell you what the child CAN do and how she responds to different types of prompts.

The assessment is dynamicùa hierarchy of prompts provides information about what skills the child performs with some degree of adult assistance. Skills and the level of progress are delineated by:

developmental levelùskills are arranged from easiest to hardest
level of environmental promptùcan be where the tester or test items are positioned (e.g., in front, to the side, or in back of the child); a gestural prompt (e.g., handing an object to the child, pointing); or verbal cues (e.g., saying "your turn," asking a question)
level of adult-action promptùsubtle physical and visual prompts such as hand-over-hand, patting the chest or arm, waiting with hand reaching out, waiting expectantly, etc.


Joint AttentionùRequesting Objects
Social InteractionùTurn-taking
Communicative IntentùRequesting Continuation of Actions
Communicative IntentùRequesting Assistance
Social InteractionùResponse to Greetings
Joint AttentionùReceptive Language
Communicative IntentùProtesting

COMPLETE TEST INCLUDES: Examiner's Manual and 15 Profile Forms. (2012)

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