Describe It! Games to Build Descriptive Language Skills By Corinne Thomas-Kersting And Andrew McCormack And Sally J. Satin

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Describe It! Games to Build Descriptive Language Skills

Describe It! offers a step-by-step approach to building descriptive language skills. Each lesson plan is designed to enrich semantic knowledge, enhance ability to organize information, increase vocabulary, and improve ability to self-evaluate.

Target communication skills in these areas:

Using the Five Senses, ages 7-8
Using Your Thinking Skills, ages 7-14
Describing and Interacting, ages 7-14
Using Metacognitive Strategies, ages 9 and up.

This collection of lessons is designed to address the specific needs of students with language learning disabilities. A variety of activities help students develop richer elaboration of word meanings, retrieve words more efficiently, and verbally express word meanings more precisely.

The activities range from simple guessing games that require students to describe the various attributes of objects to more complicated activities that increase metalinguistic skills.

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