Comprehensive Executive Function Inventory (CEFI) Complete Handscored Kit by Jack A. Naglieri & Sam Goldstein

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Comprehensive Executive Function Inventory (CEFI) Complete Handscored Kit by Jack A. Naglieri & Sam Goldstein

Ages: 5 to 18 years
Testing Time: 15 Minutes
Administration: Individual

The Comprehensive Executive Function Inventory (CEFI) is a behavior rating scale designed to evaluate goal-directed behaviors controlled by executive function in youth aged 5–18 years.
The CEFI can be used to guide assessment, diagnosis, and treatment planning.
The CEFI is also useful in a variety of research contexts and can be used as an effective tool to evaluate the success of an intervention program.
The CEFI’s reliability and validity data indicate it has strong psychometric qualities.

With 100 items on a Likert-type scale–90 are distributed among the CEFI Scales and 10 on the Positive and Negative Impression Scales – the CEFI offers Parent, Teacher, and Self- Report (12 to 18 years) Forms, allowing for a multi-rater perspective of a youth’s executive function.
Intended for use by professionals such as psychologists, school psychologists, clinical social workers, physicians, counselors, psychiatric workers, and pediatric/psychiatric nurses, the CEFI is an effective and reliable tool for evaluating executive function.
The CEFI was developed to measure a wide spectrum of behaviors associated with executive function. In addition to a Full Scale score, calculated by adding responses to 90 of the items, the CEFI utilizes nine scales (Attention, Emotion Regulation, Flexibility, Inhibitory Control, Initiation, Organization, Planning, Self-Monitoring, and Working Memory) to pinpoint targets for intervention.

Normative Data

Data were collected from each U.S. Census Region. For the Parent and Teacher Forms, ages of the rated youth ranged from 5–18 years.
For the Self-Report Form, youth aged 12–18 years rated themselves.
At each year of age, 50 males and 50 females were collected for each form, resulting in 1,400 rated youth (age M=11.5, SD=4.0) for the parent and teacher normative samples and 700 youth for the self-report (age M=15.0, SD=2.0).
Samples were stratified to match the Census on Race/Ethnicity (White, Black, Hispanic/Latino, Asian, and Other), Region, and Parental Education Level (PEL, collected for Parent and Self-Report Forms).
COMPLETE CEFI KIT INCLUDES: Manual, 25 CEFI Self-Report, Parent-Report, and Teacher-Report QuikScore Forms. (2013)

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