CASL-2: Comprehensive Assessment of Spoken Language–Second Edition by Elizabeth Carrow-Woolfolk

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CASL-2: Comprehensive Assessment of Spoken Language–Second Edition by Elizabeth Carrow-Woolfolk

Ages: 3-0 to 21-11
Administration: Individual
Testing time: 5 to 10 minutes for each test and 45 minutes for the General Language Ability Index (known as the Core Composite in the original CASL)

At a Glance

Benefit: Measures the oral language processing skills of comprehension and expression across four categories: Lexical/Semantic, Syntactic, Supralinguistic, and Pragmatic
Format: 14 stand-alone individually administered performance tests requiring no reading or writing
Scores: 14 individual test scores and six index scores: General Language Ability Index (overall skill), Receptive Language Index, Expressive Language Index, Lexical/Semantic Index, Syntactic Index, and Supralinguistic Index
Norms: Based on a stratified sample of 2,394 individuals that is representative of the U.S. population in terms of geographic region, gender, race, and SES/parent education

What’s new in the CASL-2

All new normative data and more extensive clinical groups
14 individual tests (the original CASL’s Paragraph Comprehension test was removed)
Expanded age range for most of the 14 tests to include younger children
Updated item content to address current technology (no more payphone!)
Full-color easels featuring new artwork that is more engaging for young children
Alternative scoring guidelines for African-American dialect
Updated record form design that makes scoring easier and includes an Item Analysis Worksheet for each test, to help develop intervention plans and write IEP goals
Easy to remember start and stop rules that are consistent across all tests

What It Measures

For children and young adults ages 3 to 21, the CASL-2 measures spoken language across four structural categories:

Lexical/Semantic: Knowledge and use of words and word combinations
Syntactic: Knowledge and use of grammar
Supralinguistic: Knowledge and use of language in which meaning is not directly available from the surface lexical and syntactic information
Pragmatic Language: Knowledge of language that is appropriate across different situational contexts and ability to modify language according to the social situation

The CASL-2 has strong internal consistency and test-retest and interrater reliability, demonstrating the stability and reliability of results over time and across raters. Comparative studies with the CASL, OPUS, OWLS-II, and CELF-5 show that correlations are strong but different enough to support that the CASL-2 measures unique aspects of spoken language.

COMPLETE CASL-2 KIT INCLUDES: Examiner’s Manual, 3 Easels, and 10 Comprehensive Forms. (2017)

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