CARDS Cognition, Attention, and Recall Drill Set—Attention By Katrina Kaiser And Katherine Romero-Davis And Deborah Schott And Christy Yacono Evans

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CARDS Cognition, Attention, and Recall Drill Set—Attention

Ages: 15-AdultGrades: 10-Adult
Clients find it fun to practice and easier to maintain focus with fifty activities that build attention skills using a deck of playing cards.
The convenient pocket-size book has forty activities to train these types of attention:
Sustained Attentionùworking on a particular task over an extended period of time
Selective Attentionùresponding to a stimulus in the presence of competing stimuli
Alternating Attentionùshifting attention appropriately from one area to another
Divided Attentionùperforming more than one activity at once or process multiple stimuli at once

The activities gradually increase in difficulty beginning with the completion of one-step, repetitive tasks (Sustained Attention) and progressing to tasks that require the processing of multiple details simultaneously (Divided Attention). The challenge, pace, and familiarity of the cards is a natural motivator for clients.

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