DeRoyal Sofsorb Absorbent Wound Custom Dressing

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DeRoyal Sofsorb Absorbent Wound Custom Dressing

A highly absorbent, multi-layered one-piece dressing
Five layer construction:
1 – Non-adherent wound contact layer
2 – Stay-Dry Liner that permits passage of wound drainage to keep periwound skin dry and prevent maceration at wound site
3 – Center layer that absorbs wound drainage
4 – Cellulose layer that wicks drainage horizontally along pad to increase dressing absorption capacity
5 – Air-permeable backing for strength and durability
May be soaked with saline or topical agents prior to use
Rounded edges and tapered limb configurations conform to curved and hard-to-dress areas without unnecessary bulk
Ideal for protecting wound sites from further trauma
Soft pliability allows for range of motion exercises during recovery
Primary or secondary dressing


Burns, Post-operative incision sites, Heavily draining skin ulcers, Heavily draining pressure sores, Lacerations and abrasions