100% Curriculum Vocabulary Grades 6-12 Lynn Eggleston, Laura Larson

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Ages: 11-18
Grades: 6-12

Align vocabulary instruction with the curriculum and give at-risk students the vocabulary they need for success in the classroom. These lessons progress systematically and give plenty of practice opportunities.

The 100% Series boost language performance with:

  • a broad scope of skills
  • hierarchy of activities
  • hefty amounts of practice

100% Curriculum Vocabulary is divided into 43 six-page lessons that are appropriate for individual instruction, small groups, or entire classrooms. Each lesson presents a group of ten words and uses this progression of activities:

  • word definitions
  • fill-in-the-blanks using words in the word bank
  • word associations using words in the word bank
  • write a sentence using each word
  • crossword puzzle
  • word search puzzle

The lessons are grouped by subject areas that are further divided into related topics. The subject areas and examples of the vocabulary words are:

  • Art- casting, collage, contour, pigment
  • Biology- aorta, heredity, herbivore, embryo
  • Consumer- balance, expenditure, mortgage, residential
  • Earth Science- atmosphere, deciduous, delta, epicenter, condensation
  • English- apostrophe, metaphor, plagiarism, their/they're
  • Government- economy, monarchy, majority, veto
  • Health- introvert, dehydration, emphysema, bulimia
  • History- secede, ration, colonies, loyalists
  • Keyboarding- directory, header/footer, cursor
  • Math- angle, denominator, integer, volume.

287 pages • 8.5 x 11 • softcover • ©2002