DeRoyal Orthopedic Drape Pack

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  • Standard procedure packs are stock items which are ready for shipment when ordered
  • Procedure specific key sheets are included in each set
  • Each set has the same high quality standards at DeRoyal custom trays
  • All packs have been logically developed for ambulatory and outpatient surgery needs
  • Each set configuration is nurse-reviewed for clinical accuracy
Stock # 543201
Manufacturer # 89-5029
Manufacturer DeRoyal
Application Orthopedic Drape Pack
Contents Absorbent Towel, Mayo Stand Cover, Back Table Cover (44 X 90 Inch), Medicine Cup, Bandage, Elastic 4 Inch Roll, Needle 25 Gauge X 1-1/2 Inch,Blade #15, Needle Counter Foam/Magnet, 20 count, Cautery Pencil Holster, OR Towel, Blue, Cautery Pencil Rocker Switch w/Coated Blade, Ring Basin, Drape, Flat (60 X 76 Inch), Self-Adherent Wrap, 4 Inch Roll, Drape, Plastic (43 X 74 Inch), Skin Marker w/Ruler, Drape, Universal Extremity (90 X 124 Inch), Specimen Cup, Drape, Utility (15 X 26 Inch w/Tape), Sponge Bowl, Gauze (4 X 4 Inch) 12-Ply, Stockinette Impervious (12 X 48 Inch), (10) Gauze (4 X 8 Inch) 12-Ply, X-Ray, Suture Bag, Gown XLG, Syringe 10 cc L/L
Drape Pack Name Extremity/Podiatry Pack
UNSPSC Code 42295414