DeRoyal Ankle Brace Element Small Calf Cuff Female Size up to 9.5 / Male Size up to 8 Right Ankle

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Specification: Calf Cuff, Female Size up to 9.5 / Male Size up to 8, Small, Right Ankle
  • Patented heel control strapping system holds the calcaneus under the talus controlling subtalar inversion and talar rotation
  • Rigid medial and lateral uprights prevent abnormal eversion and inversion and provide protection during activity, unique design provides syndesmosis stabilization
  • Functional hinge design allows for utilization of the brace prophylacticly, after acute injuries and during rehabilitation, concise version is 1½ shorter for lower profile fit
  • Rear foot stabilization is enhanced with heat moldable footplate to control pronation during loading and mid stance phases of gait
  • Pulley system strapping design provides optimal compression enhancing proprioception, wide base of support at impact reduces ankle inversion
Stock # 650512
Manufacturer # AB2110-10
Brand Element®
Manufacturer DeRoyal
Application Ankle Brace
Color Black
Fastening Type Calf Cuff
Shoe Size Female Size up to 9.5 / Male Size up to 8
Size Small
Target Area Right Ankle
UNSPSC Code 42241707