AliGel Pediatric Head Positioner Donuts AliGel Head Positioner Donut, Neonatal, 4/cs - 95-12404

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Product Specification: AliGel Head Positioner Donut, Neonatal, 4/cs - 95-12404

Product Description

  • Stabilize and protect patient's head while allowing easy access to surgical sites of head and neck

Brand: AliMed

Material: Gel

Product Type: Positioners

Surgical Position(s): Fowler's, Lithotomy, Reverse Trendelenburg, Supine, Trendelenburg

Body Area: Head, Neck

Positioner Shape: Donut


Returns: Returnable


Additional Details

Protect the head, neck and ears. Offload pressure from occipital protrusion to protect the patient from pressure-related injuries, such as pressure ulcers and possible blindness.

Pediatric: 1-1/4"H x 5-1/2" diameter • 1 lb.
Neonatal: 3/4"H x 3-1/4" diameter • 0.25 lbs.
Pedi/Neonate: 1"H x 4-1/2" diameter • 1 lb.

remain an industry standard due to the pressure-relieving properties of a unique gel formula that mimics fatty tissue and moves with the patient to reduce shear and help ­prevent pressure injuries. Additionally, AliGel absorbs shock, stretches, and retains its shape better than less dense gel positioners. AliGel is made of 100% dry viscoelastic polymers.

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