AliHip Cushion, Home Model AliHip Cushion Home Model, Left Hip, 18"W x 16"D - 11066

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Product Specification: AliHip Cushion Home Model, Left Hip, 18"W x 16"D - 11066

Product Description

  • Perfect take-home option for post-hip surgery patients

Brand: AliHip

Side: Right

Returns: Returnable

Additional Details

This economical version of the AliHip Cushion is the perfect take-home option for post-hip surgery patients going home with posterior dislocation precautions. Offers the same sloping design on one side – the operative side. This model is left- or right-specific and is offered with an optional Black polyester cover (sold separately).

18"W x 16"D x 4"H; slope side is 1"H in front

are usually very firm and thick—adding up to 6" of additional height. They maintain the hip at the required 90° angle but may also restrict the user’s functional reach.

are gently sloped on the operative side so the hip can extend an additional 15° to 20°, allowing the user to safely lean forward the same 15° to 20° at the trunk in facilitation of sit-to-stand, self-toileting, basic ADLs, even eating! AliHip Cushions also improve positioning of hips to help with pain control and to maximize sitting tolerance post-operatively. Plus, with the knee naturally lower than the hips at this angle, individuals don’t need to sit on a 6"-high hip cushion or a pile of bed pillows!

Comfortably maintains hip precautions AliHip Cushions maintain hips at more than 90° extension, while allowing user more freedom of movement in the wheelchair or armchair. More comfortable than traditional hip cushions, they are adjustable for left or right leg.
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