Alimed AliReach Plus Folding Standard Reacher AliReach Plus Folding Reacher, 32"L - 83174

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Product Specification: AliReach Plus Folding Reacher, 32"L - 83174

Product Description

  • Folds for storage and travel
  • Ergonomic handle prevents finger and wrist strain
  • Stick clip allows attachment to walking aid

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Additional Details

is a reaching aid for grasping items in hard-to-reach places without having to bend over. Compact and folds for easy storage and travel. Ergonomic Comfy Grip handle helps prevent finger and wrist strain. Gripcert jaw makes it easier to lift heavier or more delicate objects, such as paper or fabric. Magnetic tip on front of jaw helps retrieve keys, pins, and other small metal items. Blue stick clip allows reacher to be attached to a walking aid. Grabber is a perfect assistive device to maintain independent living for those with weak hands or arthritis. 32" long version also available.

26"L or 32"L • Lifetime guarantee

California's Proposition 65