Alimed CAM WALKER II CAM Walker II, Large - 6049

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Product Specification: CAM Walker II, Large - 6049

Product Description

  • The trusted brand of choice for professionals
  • Unique ankle joint allows for controlled ankle motion (ROM) from fixed up to 45°
  • Lock-in dorsiflexion or plantar flexion
  • Customizable aluminum upright with lower rocker design

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Size: Large

Returns: Returnable

Additional Details

CAM WALKER II (Controlled Ankle Motion Walker—CAM) provides lowered rocker design and CAM adjustability ranging from neutral to 45° plantar/dorsiflexion with the turn of a screw. Unique CAM Walker ankle joint allows easy access adjustment and aluminum uprights for further customization. Fix the ankle or prescribe a range of motion.

CAM Walker II fits left or right.

Suggested code: L4386.

Sizing: Approximate to shoe size.
Small fits Women's 6-8, Men's 5-7
Medium fits Women's 9-11, Men's 8-10
Large fits Women's 12-14, Men's 11-13

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