Alimed Cervical Neck Pillow Cervical Neck Pillow - 927598

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Product Specification: Cervical Neck Pillow - 927598

Product Description

  • Polyfoam
  • Covered with removable and washable terry cloth cover
  • Zipper closure

Material: Foam

Product Type: Positioners

Body Area: Head, Neck

Positioner Shape: Pillow


Returns: Returnable

Additional Details

has shown to provide relief and support throughout the night for those with neck pain. Head and neck are cradled between two pieces of soft foam, which help to keep the neck in alignment while you sleep. When you are in a more comfortable sleeping position, you'll enjoy a better night's rest.

Covered with a removable and washable white terry cloth cover. Zipper closure. This positioner has been used in x-ray for years and after patient comments on its comfort, AliMed has produced a version for the end-user.

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