Alimed Elementary Language Processing Test 3 (LPT 3) Elementary Language Processing Test 3 (LPT 3) - 83133

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Product Specification: Elementary Language Processing Test 3 (LPT 3) - 83133

Product Description

  • Help determine why student has language difficulty
  • Includes two pretests and six subtests
  • Discussion of Performance section helps bridge from assessment to treatment

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Find out why your student has a language difficulty, where the breakdown occurs, and where to begin remediation. The test evaluates the ability to attach increasingly more meaning to information received to then formulate an expressive response. The skills evaluated begin with simple tasks and progress, increasing the language processing demand. There are two pretests and six subtests. Each subsequent subtest builds on the skills previously evaluated. The test items are valid clinical indicators of the ability to attach meaning to language. Subtests cover Labeling, Stating Functions, Associations, Categorization, Similarities, Differences, Multiple Meanings, Attributes. All pretests and subtests are administered in approximately 35 minutes. Directions are read aloud to the student and all responses are verbal. Raw scores are converted to Age Equivalents, Percentile Ranks, and Standard Scores. The Discussion of Performance section in the Examiner’s Manual helps bridge from assessment to treatment.

Contains: Examiner’s manual and 20 test forms

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