Alimed ETAC Deluxe One-Handed Food Prep and Cutting Board ETAC Deluxe Food Prep Cutting Board - 8982

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Product Specification: ETAC Deluxe Food Prep Cutting Board - 8982

Product Description

  • The one Etac board that does it all
  • One-Handed multi-functional food preparation board: open a jar, grip a bowl, peel or cut with one hand
  • Cutting board gives extra power and precision when preparing food
  • Plastic cutting board has prongs to hold food for slicing and a vise to hold a variety of items for one-handed operation

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Additional Details

: The cutting board that does it all! One-handed, adaptive kitchen aid helps to: open a jar, grip a bowl, peel or cut food.

With the Etac preparation board, tasks such as grating, cutting, whisking and peeling can be carried out even with weak hands or one hand.

The Etac preparation board is a good aid for people who have difficulty managing some tasks using just one hand, or for people with weakness in both hands. The clamp means it can easily grip and adapt to left or right hand one handed use. The cutting board sits firmly on four anti-slip feet. Suction pads are included for fitting if necessary. Aluminum nails hold vegetables.

12" x 11" • Made of durable, high-quality polyethylene

California's Proposition 65