AliMed Footdrop Night Splint Footdrop Night Splint, Large, Right - 6776

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Product Specification: Footdrop Night Splint, Large, Right - 6776

Product Description

  • Helps prevent footdrop contracture by supporting the foot in correct functional alignment
  • Protects against development of heel pressure injuries
  • Alternate between the supine and side-lying position in bed

Brand: AliMed

Size: Large

Side: Right

Returns: Returnable

Additional Details

Prevents heel cord and Achilles tendon shortening when a patient is subject to prolonged bed rest.

Protects the heel while maintaining the ankle in functional alignment. Entire heel is in contact with a soft, cushioning AliPlast foam liner. The cushioning air space between shell and liner cradles the heel in a protective hammock, reducing ulceration risk.

The patient can change position freely in bed from side-lying to supine. Only the ankle is immobilized, leaving the hip joint free to rotate and flex.

Fits up to 80% of patients without modification. Accommodates patients with significant edema, larger calves and malleoli. Shell and liner can be washed and disinfected.

AliMed's Footdrop Night Splint preserves the natural functional alignment of foot and ankle.

The footplate is set at an angle of slightly less than 90°, the middle of the range of motion required for normal gait.

Suggested code: L4398.

Infant: For infants up to 18 months
Junior: For children up to 7 years
Medium: Calf 10" or less, Instep 9" or less, Metatarsal 7" or less
Large: Calf 10" - 13", Instep 9" - 12", Metatarsal 7" - 8-3/4" (Fits most women)
X-Large: Calf 13" or more, Instep 12" or more, Metatarsal 8-3/4" of more (Fits most men)

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