AliMed Frogger Vein Harvesting Positioner Frogger with Conductive Cover - 931366

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Product Specification: Frogger with Conductive Cover - 931366

Product Description

  • Works for patients of all sizes
  • Offers optimal exposure to saphenous veins
  • Provides better positioning than blanket rolls

Brand: AliMed

Material: Foam

Product Type: Positioners

Surgical Position(s): Supine

Body Area: Leg

Positioner Shape: Wedge


Returns: Returnable

Additional Details

holds patient's legs at the optimal angle for assessment and harvesting of saphenous veins for coronary bypass surgery. Position both legs externally rotated and slightly flexed so you can choose the best site from either extremity. Reduce pressure points, even over sacrum and ischial spines. Soft polyfoam construction reduces incidence of intraoperative tissue breakdown. Reusable Conductive Black Vinyl cover is easy to clean, durable, and has fluid-resistant seams - ideal for O.R.

21"W x 33"D

California's Proposition 65