AliMed Head/Heel Rests Head/Heel/Leg Rests, cs/12 - 95-131

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Product Specification: Head/Heel/Leg Rests, cs/12 - 95-131

Product Description

  • Reduce pressure on the body parts they support
  • Accommodate eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and occipital prominences
  • Use also as leg or heel cradles

Brand: AliMed

Material: Foam

Product Type: Positioners

Surgical Position(s): Fowler's, Lithotomy, Prone, Reverse Trendelenburg, Supine, Trendelenburg

Body Area: Head

Positioner Shape: Rectangle

Single Use

Returns: Returnable

Additional Details

Recommended for positioning the head while accommodating eyes, ears, nose, mouth and occipital prominence. Cutout neutralizes risk for ocular pressure and nasal constraint and allows patients to breathe freely. Contoured edges cover a larger surface area for greater pressure distribution. Use also as leg or heel cradles. Individually wrapped. Case of 12.

7-1/4"W x 8"L x 3-3/4"H • Polyfoam

California's Proposition 65