AliMed No-Lift TURNER Bariatric No-Lift Turner - 712177

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Product Specification: Bariatric No-Lift Turner - 712177

Product Description

  • No patient or resident lifting and less back strain!
  • Provides valuable assistance in turning a resident

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Additional Details

Turning a resident can lead to staff back injuries and usually requires at least two staff members. The AliMed provides valuable assistance.

The TURNER is a flat tube of fabric with a slippery interior surface. Simply position the patient on top of the tube just as you would a draw sheet. Now grab the reinforced edges of the top tube layer and pull it toward you. No lifting and less back strain! Once the TURNER is in position (placement generally requires two people), usually only one staff member is needed to move the side-lying resident onto his or her other side.

Black • Flat: Standard: 29"W x 52"L, 250-lb. capacity • Bariatric: 52"W x 46"L, 750-lb. capacity • Machine wash, air dry • Disinfectant-safe

  • Position the patient on one side of the bed in a side-lying position.

  • Install the TURNER like a draw sheet, the TURNER should run the width of the bed.

  • Pull the reinforced straps toward your body. The resident rolls over and is moved to the bed's opposite side.

  • No need to remove the TURNER from beneath the resident. When another turning is required, just repeat from the other side of the bed. (Note: If patient has highly sensitive skin, turner should be removed between uses.)

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