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Product Specification: Preschool Phonology Cards - 83145

Product Description

  • Help preschoolers eliminate phonological processes
  • Endearing, simple instructions and familiar vocabulary
  • Targets six commonly occurring phonological processes

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help preschoolers eliminate phonological processes with endearing, simple illustrations and familiar vocabulary. The words are printed below each picture to reinforce speech-to-print connection. Targets six commonly occurring phonological processes. Each phonological process includes 80 pictures (40 minimal pairs) for:
• Cluster reduction (e.g., cloud/loud)
• Final consonant deletion (e.g., couch/cow)
• Fronting (e.g., kite/tight)
• Gliding (e.g., ring/wing)
• Initial consonant deletion (e.g., chin/in)
• Stopping (shower/tower)

Use the durable cards for phonological process training, minimal pairs tasks, auditory discrimination activities, auditory bombardment activities, and drills.

240 3-1/2"W x 5"H coated cards.

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