AliMed Ultra-Thin Touch-Sensitive Sensor Pads Ultra-Thin Tyvek Pad Kit, 30 day, for IQ Voice - 713590

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Product Specification: Ultra-Thin Tyvek Pad Kit, 30 day, for IQ Voice - 713590

Product Description

  • Works with all patients, including the lightest
  • Works with all mattresses, even air mattresses
  • Provides earlier fall warning than traditional pressure pads
  • Works with beds or chairs
  • Cut it, fold it, bend it, it's almost indestructible

    Brand: AliMed

    Product Type: Sensor Pads

    Returns: Non-Returnable

    Additional Details

    detect touch using “capacitive” technology, much like touch-screen tablets or phones that respond to the lightest touch of the finger. There is absolutely no pressure involved making them effective for very lightweight patients, patients who reposition frequently, or for use behind a patient’s shoulders as a true early-warning alert. Because the Ultra-Thin Pads can be cut to size, only one size pad is needed for stocking—simply cut it to the size you need. Each pad comes complete with Universal Connector and Connector Cable. Full replacement warranty.

    6"W x 32-9/16"L

    California's Proposition 65