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Product Specification: AliSlide Half Shifter - 931827

Product Description

  • Lightweight
  • Compact for easy storage and transport
  • Smooth and flexible
  • Reusable and environmentally friendly

Brand: AliMed

Returns: Returnable

Additional Details

AliSlide Half Shifter decreases transfer risk and helps keep your staff and patients safe. Transfer patients in any position – upright or lying down, or those with epidural catheters or spinal anesthesia lines. Features six built-in hand holes for easier positioning. The hand holes also function as a cut-out to hang your Half Shifter. Uneven transfers are trouble-free because the Half Shifter bridges small gaps. Radiolucent – it can be kept under patients during X-ray procedures or minor surgery. Extra durable for extended life. Made of warp-resistant polyethylene for a smooth-sliding surface that facilitates easier transfers. Fits with our vertical or horizontal wall hanger. White.

23"W x 31"L x 0.08" thick • 1.7 lbs. • 250-lb. capacity • Radiolucent • Not made with natural rubber latex • Stain-resistant • Clean with hospital-approved disinfectant

Store a Half Shifter in every room for staff safety and convenience. Buy in quantity and save up to 28%.

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