Anti-Rollback System Anti-Rollback System and Alarm, Standard, 16"- 20" Wheelchair - 65338

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Product Specification: Anti-Rollback System and Alarm, Standard, 16"- 20" Wheelchair - 65338

Product Description

  • New sturdier design
  • Helps minimize patient falls from wheelchairs
  • Locks wheels automatically when patient begins to stand
  • Optional alarm for added safety

Brand: AliMed

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Additional Details

Anti-Rollback System High-fall-risk patients with memory or cognitive issues often inadvertently stand without manually securing their wheelchair brakes, allowing the wheelchair to roll away and putting them at risk of sustaining serious fall-related injuries. The Anti-Rollback System’s weight-sensitive braking mechanism automatically locks rear wheelchair wheels when a patient stands, helping to reduce incidences of harmful falls.

How it works: As the patient rises from the wheelchair, the weight-sensitive seat lever engages upward, lowering the brake arms to secure the wheels. When the patient sits, the brake arms unlock automatically, allowing the chair to roll freely. Temporary override lever attached to the back of the wheelchair disengages the braking system when the wheelchair is unoccupied. No batteries needed. Optional tamper-resistant Alarm can be added for extra security and is triggered by a switch that is mechanically linked to the seat lever.

Fits wheelchairs 16"-24"W • Alarm requires 9V batteries

Caution: This device works only with sling-seat wheelchairs. The use of wooden solid-seat inserts and drop seats will interfere with the safe operation of this product. Periodic inspection to ensure proper adjustment is recommended.

California's Proposition 65