Autism & PDD Associations 5-Book Set Beth W. Respess

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Ages: 3-7
Grades: PreK-2

Use these captivating Buddy Bear books in your circle time or for individual work. Learners interact with every page as they place pictures and answer the questions.

The stories are perfect for youngsters in early intervention, including those with autism and developmental delays. Simple sentences with a repetitive story format build language and early literacy skills. The adorable artwork is uncluttered.

Each durable book targets one specific theme and nine associations.

  • Buddy Bear Helps Mama Bear Buddy Bear mops the floor. What goes with a mop? A bucket goes with a mop. Additional associations: bed/pillow, chair/table, broom/dustpan, shelf/books, toy/toy box, trash/garbage can, robe/slippers, thank you/you're welcome
  • Buddy Bear Has Fun Buddy Bear paints a picture. What goes with paints? A brush goes with paints. Additional associations: crayons/coloring book, shovel/pail, boat/life jacket, bat/baseball, computer/mouse, piggy bank/money, game/dice, movie/popcorn
  • Buddy Bear Likes Animals Buddy Bear likes the bird. What goes with a bird? A nest goes with a bird. Additional associations: hamster/cage, frog/lily pad, spider/web, dog/bone, mouse/cheese, fish/fish bowl, rabbit/carrot, bees/honey
  • Buddy Bear Gets Ready for School Buddy Bear combs his hair. What goes with a comb? A hairbrush goes with a comb. Additional associations: soap/washcloth, toothbrush/toothpaste, toilet/toilet paper, pants/shirt, socks/shoes, pancakes/syrup, coat/hat, books/book bag
  • Buddy Bear Goes on a Picnic Buddy Bear has a fork. What goes with a fork? A spoon goes with a fork. Additional associations: picnic basket/blanket, salt/pepper, peanut butter/jelly, hot dog/ketchup, bread/butter, crackers/soup, cookies/milk, fun/friends

Complete 5-Book Set: each book 9 pages, suggested uses; vinyl folder