Autism & PDD Associations App Beth W. Respess

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Ages: 3-7
Grades: PreK-2

This Buddy Bear app is based on the perennially popular Buddy Bear software and storybooks that have a strong following among speech-language pathologists and educators.

The app uses these research-based techniques to improve communication skills in children with autism spectrum disorders and developmental disabilities:

  • simple, predictable language
  • uncluttered illustrations
  • open-ended responses
  • cheerful, calming narration
  • engaging animation and sound effects
  • flexible story-based learning

There are five stories in the program. The stories match the content of the Autism & PDD Associations 5-Book Set. Each themed-story teaches nine associations:

  • Buddy Bear Helps Mama e.g., mop & bucket, pillow & bed, and more
  • Buddy Bear Has Fun e.g., baseball & bat, computer & mouse, and more
  • Buddy Bear Likes Animals e.g., bird & nest, dog & bone, and more
  • Buddy Bear Gets Ready for School e.g., toothpaste & toothbrush, socks & shoes, and more
  • Buddy Bear Goes on a Picnic e.g., salt & pepper, bread & butter, and more

Once you start the app, tap on one of the five stories. Touch the back, forward, and repeat arrows for easy screen navigation. Children choose the correct answer with an easy one-touch response. Correct responses are reinforced with animation, sound effects, and a friendly "Good job!" A randomization feature can be turned on/off.

The app has 45 interactive screens packed with teaching opportunities so youngsters can:

  • associate common objects
  • build language and literacy
  • increase spontaneous communication exchanges
  • develop joint attention and social reciprocity