Autism & PDD Categories 5-Book Set Beth W. Respess

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Ages: 3-7
Grades: PreK-2

Young learners interact with every page of these Buddy Bear books as they listen to simple sentence stories and place pictures. Each page presents two items and their category label in the adorable Buddy Bear style.

The stories are perfect for youngsters in early intervention including those with autism and developmental delays. Use the books in your circle time or for individual work. The age-appropriate artwork is uncluttered.

Each durable book targets one specific theme and nine categories.

  • Buddy Bear in the House Buddy Bear is in his house. He has a book. He has a newspaper too. These are things Buddy Bear reads. Additional categories: food, money, school supplies, summer clothes, winter clothes, hiking equipment, Halloween costume, chores
  • Buddy Bear in the Kitchen Buddy Bear is in the kitchen. He has a cup. He has a plate too. These are Buddy Bear's dishes. Additional categories: silverware, breakfast, snacks, fruit, vegetables, desserts, drinks, flavors
  • Buddy Bear Plays Buddy Bear likes to play. He plays with a truck. He plays with a puzzle too. These are Buddy Bear's toys. Additional categories: musical instruments, pets, games, art supplies, things you ride, bath toys, sports equipment, friends
  • Buddy Bear on Vacation Buddy Bear is going on vacation. He packs a suitcase. He packs a duffel bag too. This is Buddy Bear's luggage. Additional categories: things on an airplane, desert, beach, woods, jungle, farm, ocean, mail
  • Buddy Bear In the Yard Buddy Bear is in his yard. He sees a bush. He sees a tree too. These are plants in Buddy Bear's yard. Additional categories: things in the sky, tools, insects, animals, playground equipment, garden tools, birds, flowers

Complete 5-Book Set: each book 9 pages, suggested uses; vinyl folder