Autism & PDD Comparatives/Superlatives 5-Book Set Beth W. Respess

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Ages: 3-7
Grades: PreK-2

Young learners interact with every page of these Buddy Bear books as they listen to simple sentence stories and place pictures. Each page compares/contrasts three items in the adorable Buddy Bear style.

The stories are perfect for youngsters in early intervention including those with autism and developmental delays. Use the books in your circle time or for individual work. The age-appropriate artwork is uncluttered.

Each durable book targets one specific theme and nine comparisons and contrasts.

What Buddy Bear Has
Buddy Bear has three cats.
His orange cat is small.
His brown cat is smaller.
His gray cat is the smallest.
Additional comparative/superlative words: soft, fat, old, wide, warm, curly, long, loud

What Buddy Bear Sees
Buddy sees three bear cubs.
The first cub is young.
The second cub is younger.
The third cub is the youngest.
Additional comparative/superlative words: light, plain, high, deep, few, some, easy, muddy

What Buddy Bear Does
Buddy Bear hangs three pictures.
The first picture is low.
The second picture is lower.
The third picture is the lowest.
Additional comparative/superlative words: dark, bright, short, large, happy, scary, wet, good

What Buddy Bear Finds
Buddy Bear finds three butterflies.
The blue butterfly is pretty.
The red butterfly is prettier.
The purple butterfly is the prettiest.
Additional comparative/superlative words: narrow, fuzzy, near, sleepy, full, fluffy, thin, tall

What Buddy Bear Likes
Buddy Bear likes to roll balls.
The beach ball is far away.
The soccer ball is farther away.
The basketball is farthest away.
Additional comparative/superlative words: furry, noisy, big, cheap, easy, thick, sweet, hungry

Complete 5-Book Set: each book 9 pages, suggested uses; vinyl folder