Autism & PDD Concepts: 5-Book Set Beth W. Respess, Kelly Malone, Karen Stontz

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Ages: 3-7
Grades: PreK-2

Becca Bunny teaches concepts of shape, quantity, emotion, location, and time in these endearing stories. Learners interact with every page as they place pictures and answer the questions.

The stories are perfect for youngsters in early intervention including those with autism and developmental delays. Simple sentences with a repetitive story format build language and early literacy skills. The adorable artwork is uncluttered.

Each durable book targets one specific theme and nine concepts.

What Shape Is It, Becca Bunny?
Becca Bunny has a clock.
What shape is the clock?
The clock is a circle.
Additional shapes: square, triangle, rectangle, star, diamond, oval, heart, octagon

What Time Is It, Becca Bunny?
What time is it?
It is early.
Becca Bunny watches the sun rise.
Additional time concepts: morning, afternoon, night, late, breakfast, lunch, dinner, end

How Many, Becca Bunny?
Becca Bunny takes a walk.
She looks for ducks.
How many ducks does she see?
She sees one duck.
Additional quantity concepts: numbers 2-5, some, few, a lot, all

How Does Becca Bunny Feel?
Becca Bunny feels happy.
Why does she feel happy?
She got a new toy truck.
Additional emotion concepts: sad, mad, scared, tired, excited, proud, embarrassed, surprised

Where Are They Hiding, Becca Bunny?
Becca Bunny is playing hide-and-seek.
She is looking for her friends.
Who is hiding in the closet?
Bear is hiding in the closet.
Additional location concepts: on, under, in back of, between, beside, behind, next to, inside

Complete 5-Book Set: each book 9 pages, suggested uses; vinyl folder