Autism & PDD Photo Cards: Answering WHAT Questions Jennifer Benoliel

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Ages: 3-11Grades: Prek-6

Reduce your students' reliance on scripted answers and teach them to answer a wide range of what questions like pros.

Autism & PDD Photo Cards Answering WHAT Questions is a unique photo card intervention tool. The 240 cards include therapy-rich instructions you can use in structured tasks or less-structured games. Question forms vary by grammatical features (present progressive, third person singular, and past tense) as well as by descriptive features (prepositions, attributes, and functions).

  • Present Progressive (70 cards) What is she eating?
  • Third-Person Singular (34 cards) What hops?
  • Past Tense (34 cards) What did she bake?
  • Prepositions (34 cards) What is on the bed?
  • Attributes (34 cards) What is big?
  • Functions (34 cards) What do we use for cutting?

Many questions are repeated with differing answers to aid in generalization and reduce scripted responses to a single question. Suggested therapy activities are included on each instruction card to promote generalization.

Each card has an uncluttered, full-color, real-life photo to help your students attend to the visual photo cue as well as the verbal prompts on the back of the card. The verbal prompts guide the student in a gradual, progressive, learning hierarchy that adds additional cues as needed to answer the question. Throughout the activities, a natural way of asking questions is modeled in an effort to teach more natural conversation skills to children with autism spectrum disorder.

Students answer questions to provide information and to maintain conversation. When questions go unanswered, communication breakdowns occur and social reciprocity is severed. By not responding to questions, children with autism spectrum disorder sabotage their social opportunities with peers. End this cycle with this high-value, therapeutically-sound tool.

COMPLETE PRODUCT INCLUDES: 240, 5" x 7" double-sided, coated picture/stimuli cards and 8 instructor cards, all in a sturdy storage box. (©2008)