Autism & PDD Picture Stories & Language Activities Social Behaviors: Self-Control When Talking Patricia Snair Koski

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Ages: 12-17Grades: 7-12

If your students want to communicate effectively, these lessons will help them control and replace impulsive behaviors that can be off-putting to their peer group.

Each four-picture story addresses specific behaviors related to the theme of talking with others. Your students learn why certain behaviors are wrong and a correct, alternative behavior as a replacement.

To reinforce learning, each lesson includes 10 Yes/No and 10 Wh- and How comprehension questions that will also improve expressive language skills. A simple role-play activity and easy to find props round out each lesson creating an exceptional learning environment for students with autism. The lessons are easy to adapt to individual, small group, or classroom therapy sessions.

Students with autism can unintentionally exhibit behaviors that are inappropriate. Help them understand and learn appropriate behaviors with Self-Control When Talking. They'll learn how to:

  • find a talk-partner
  • determine and respect personal space
  • choose an appropriate conversation topic
  • stop repeating conversation topics
  • keep a conversation brief
  • stay on topic
  • change topics
  • be an active listener

Complete Program includes: 28-page lesson plan book; 32, 8½" x 11" story cards; 10 perforated sheets with large print sentences, question flash cards, and wrong/right cards; progress monitoring chart; vinyl folder. (2014)