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Ages: 3-7

Now young children with limited language proficiency can work on the skills of solving a problem, cause and effect, sequencing, predicting, and comparing.

This app is based on the Buddy Bear storybooks and software that have a huge following among speech-language pathologists and educators. The specialized teaching techniques develop communication skills in children with autism spectrum disorders and developmental delays:

  • simple, predictable language
  • uncluttered illustrations
  • cheerful, calming narration
  • open-ended responses
  • engaging animation and sound effects
  • flexible, story-based learning

Each story focuses on one skill area. The stories match the content of the Autism & PDD Reasoning & Problem Solving Interactive Software. The stories are organized by these skill areas:

    • Solving a Problem answer "what" questions to solve problems
    • Cause and Effect answer a "why" question to determine cause and effect
    • Predicting infer and predict what Buddy Bear is going to do based on the items he has
    • Sequencing identify Buddy Bear's next step
    • Comparing identify how two items are the same

      The app has 45 interactive screens packed with teaching opportunities so youngsters can:

      • understand and answer wh- questions
      • build language and literacy
      • increase spontaneous communication exchanges
      • develop joint attention and social reciprocity

      Once you start the app, tap on one of the five skills to launch a story. Children choose the correct answer with an easy one-touch response. Tap the back, forward, and repeat arrows for easy screen navigation. Correct responses are reinforced with animation, sound effects, and a friendly, "Good job!" A randomization feature can be turned on/off.