Basic Reading Series - COMBO (All 3 Books) Kristine Lindsay

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Reading Level 1 - 3Interest Level 2 - 10

The Basic Reading Series addresses essential, basic reading comprehension skills. Each of the three books in the series features over 100 activities that utilize multiple instructional modalities, making the program effective for students with different learning styles.

All three books include topics and activities that are appropriate for middle and high school students struggling with reading:

  • Basic Reading Series 1 (approximate reading level 1.0-2.0) introduces and simplifies ten basic reading skills.
  • Basic Reading Series 2 (approximate reading level 2.0-2.5) builds on and reinforces skills introduced in Book 1.
  • Basic Reading Series 3 has a reading level of approximately 3.0. Higher-level thinking and reading skills are addressed but not taught as individual skills.


  • Context Clues
  • Drawing Conclusions
  • Cause and Effect
  • Summarizing
  • Details
  • Fiction and Nonfiction
  • Main Idea (Books 1 and 2 only)
  • Story Elements
  • Fact and Opinion
  • Sequencing (Book 3 only)
  • Predicting Outcomes

This reading comprehension program provides teaching strategies and practice activities that help teachers make the most of their students' reading instruction. Each unit has teaching instruction pages with directions for introducing and applying each skill. Numerous follow-up activity sheets provide students with multiple opportunities for practicing critical reading comprehension skills.

The activities are appropriate for individual, small-group, and whole-class instruction. Activities progress in difficulty while maintaining a low reading level, remaining short in length, and continuing to use simple vocabulary. Both fiction and nonfiction passages feature high-interest, "real-world" topics and visual aids, such as charts and time lines, that captivate students'' interest.

Correlations Chart

Use the correlations chart to quickly reference specific skills or to tie certain activities to other curriculum areas.

Review and Assessment

Reflect and Review activities cover several previously taught skills, showing students how skills are interrelated and how they build upon one another. Two assessments in test-preparation format are included at the end of each unit, and comprehensive final assessments are provided at the end of each book.

EACH BOOK INCLUDES: Reproducible Activities tied to National Reading Standards, Teacher Instruction Pages, Reflect and Review Activities, a Correlations Chart, a Progress Chart, Assessments, and an Answer Key.