Brainwave–R: Cognitive Strategies and Techniques for Brain Injury Rehabilitation - User's Guide and Introduction to Brain Injury

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This introductory book to the Brainwave–R program contains the principles upon which the program is based, a general introduction to brain injury, and a review of information on each of the 5 cognitive areas addressed in the program: Attention, Visual Processing, Information Processing, Memory, and Executive Function. Therapists can use the general introduction to brain injury and the review of information when educating the client and family. Reproducible Initial and Final Client Questionnaires are included to help the therapist interview the client.

This introductory book is accompanied by 5 Therapist and Client Workbooks, which correspond to the 5 cognitive areas addressed.

Reproducible pages in this book: Initial Client Questionnaire (pp. 71-104) and Final Client Questionnaire (pp. 105-116)

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126 pages • 8.5 x 11, softcover • © 2002