CARDS: Cognition, Attention, and Recall Drill Set—Memory Christy Yacono Evans, Deborah Schott, Katherine Romero-Davis, Katrina Kaiser, Paul Galajda

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Ages: 15-Adult
Grades: 10-Adult

Adults love these activities that use a deck of playing cards to develop memory. Using a familiar deck of cards is inherently motivating and the activities offer numerous levels of challenge.

The convenient pocket-size book has forty activities to train four types of memory:

  • Short-Termimmediate memory and storage of information that requires further processing
  • Declarative Long-Termretrieve stored information (e.g., facts, places, events)
  • Procedural Long-Termrecall learned routines through repetition
  • Prospective Long-Termremember to do something in the future and at the correct time

The activities stimulate clients to recall and follow instructions. Start with a pace that's comfortable for them and gradually increase the time requirements to develop automaticity. The simultaneous exercise of auditory and visual memory skills with manipulation (motor skills) of the cards gives clients unique practice that helps them function in everyday life.

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