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The Career Planning Scale (CPS) helps counselors and instructors assess where their assistance is needed when working with job seekers and career explorers. In about 20 minutes, this unique assessment guides individuals through the actual process that counselors use while increasing people's career awareness and helping them make more informed decisions.

First, the CPS quickly measures an individual's strengths and weaknesses in the career planning process. Based on the results, the assessment provides specific feedback about the stages on which the individual needs to improve. Individuals are given helpful strategies for further career development and a worksheet at the end that helps them identify which steps to take next in their career plan.

The CPS feeds into the following scales:

  • Knowledge of the World of Work
  • Self-Knowledge
  • Knowledge of Occupations
  • Career Decision-Making
  • Career Planning
  • Career Implementation

Each of these represents an integral part of career development, and, in fact, lies on a continuum that constitutes a step-by-step career plan.

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