Career Priorities Profile–Second Edition (25) Lynn R. Dowd



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Self-scoring, self-interpreting, consumable, no other components needed. The first step to finding work that meets your needs is establishing your career priorities. The Career Priorities Profile–Second Edition (CPP) provides an easy yet structured way for individuals to identify and compare their work needs, skills, interests, desires, and education to the realities of jobs. The result is a profile of their most important needs and preferences for use in exploring and deciding on careers.

The CPP allows individuals to consider more than 100 key job-related factors in a concise, easy-to-use format. It helps to identify work needs and preferences before or as part of career exploration, job preparation, and the job search so these processes can be realistic, targeted, and effective. This one-of-a-kind tool provides a comprehensive way of assessing an individual's career needs and wants and matching them to occupations.

A complete revision of the Work Preference Match, the CPP has been streamlined to make it easier to use. The number of steps and amount of reading have been reduced. There is a greater focus on priorities rather than preferences. The detachable profile has been revised to include even more priorities, resources have been expanded and updated, and a new career planning worksheet is included to help users decide what steps to take next. In addition, issues regarding specific personal and situational barriers have been integrated into the assessment, making it more functional and easier to use.

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