Deroyal Deluxe Double-Strap Limb Holders

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39½” - 1 Pair
39½” - 20 Pair Per Case
38½” - 1 Pair
39½” (Extra Large) - 1 Pair

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Deroyal Deluxe Double-Strap Limb Holders

Soft, breathable foam construction for patient comfort
Strong binding around cuff for additional security
Hook closure with seawave buckle for secure cuff placement
Double-strap design allows for two attachment points for more limited range of motion
Straps attach with quick-release (QR) ties
Straps are sewn onto the inside of cuff to help eliminate tightening on limbs
Extra large cuff size available (M2012D-U) to accommodate larger limbs
Available with felt lining (M2011R-U)


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