DeRoyal Units Aqua-Box

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Automatic with Canister Rinsing
Large Autmatic
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DeRoyal Units Aqua-Box

Eliminates pouring and splashing of suction canisters
A compact wall-mounted unit that empties ANY standard canister in about 12 seconds
Automatically discards fluid waste directly into existing sewer pipes
Optionally adds disinfectant
The lowest-priced fluid disposal system on the market
Requires no floor space
Three-year parts and labor warranty
Simple installation requires only inlet water line and sewer discharge line
Runs totally independent of facility’s vacuum system
Requires no routine maintenance
Expected to become the standard in disposing O.R. fluid waste
Installation video included and full technical support available
Available with canister rinse cycle, allowing cleaned canisters to be placed in “white bags”
Reduces liability for employee exposure

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