Harloff MRI Cart Accessories MRI Cart Utility Hooks, set of 4 - 921295

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Product Specification: MRI Cart Utility Hooks, set of 4 - 921295

Product Description

  • MRI-compatible accessories for Harloff MRI medical carts

Brand: Harloff

Product Type: Medical Cart Accessories, MR-Conditional

Returns: Returnable

Additional Details

are compatible with MRI carts for use in MRI suites. All accessories are sold individually or can be purchased as part of a package with Harloff MRI Carts.

#921289: Plastic Cardiac Board with Mounting Brackets
#921290: IV Pole
#921291: Oxygen Tank Holder with Bracket (fits D/E size tanks)
#921292: 2-Tier Aluminum Raised Back Rail
#921293: 3-Tier Aluminum Raised Back Rail
#921285: 4-Compartment Tilt Bin with Mounting Clip
#921286: 5-Compartment Tilt Bin with Mounting Clip
#921287: 6-Compartment Tilt Bin with Mounting Clip
#926428: Plastic 3" Drawer Tray with 16 Adjustable Dividers
#921295: Aluminum Utility Hook (set of 4)
#921294: Rail Hook
#921288: 8-Quart Waste Container, No Lid
#921284: 3-Gallon Waste Container with Bracket

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