Lessons for the Right Brain–Second Edition (Set of 4) Kathleen A. Baines, Pamela Crowe Miller

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Stimulate useful skills often lost through right-brain injury with this much-improved revised version of the classic right-brain workbooks. With Lessons for the Right Brain–Second Edition there is strong emphasis on reading, writing, and higher-level language skills. Designed for home practice, either in conjunction with a therapist or as independent practice for people who have had an injury or stroke on the right side of the brain, the exercises in these workbooks are useful for many types of problems.

There has been much recent research on neural plasticity the mechanism by which the brain learns new behaviors. When you work on a variety of tasks that require focused attention, such as the activities in Lessons for the Right Brain–Second Edition, you improve the brain’s neural plasticity. These workbooks have been thoroughly revised to help people focus attention and concentration, practice looking to the left side of the page, and improve visual perception.

New to this Edition:

  • Updated activities that allow for extended practice opportunities
  • Enlarged print for easier reading
  • An answer section that encourages the patient to self-correct
  • New exercises that reflect current Right Hemisphere Brain Damage (RHD) thinking and changes in life styles
  • A dark line vertically in the left margin of every page to address one of the most prominent deficits associated with RHD: left neglect
  • Added exercises that facilitate logical, sequential, and integrative thinking skills and, as a result, more logical verbal expression and minimized confabulation associated with RHD
  • Incorporation of activities not easily found elsewhere that target decreased prosody, decreased comprehension of humor, impaired comprehension of figurative language, and decreased emotional expression and comprehension
  • Activities that increase the patient’s self-awareness of visuoperceptual deficits, deficits in attention, short term memory, and executive functioning
  • Activities that address deficits in facial recognition and recall.

Complete Set Includes: 1 each of 4 one-time use workbooks: Working with Functional Information; Attention and Visual Perception; Visual Memory and Higher Level Language; Reading, Writing and Visual Processing. ©2014

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