Life Science: Classroom Set (with Digital Teacher's Guide on CD) Kristine Lindsay, Kristina Swann Cordova

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Reading Level 3 - 4.5
Interest Level 5 - 12

General Science Series meets national science education standards and features engaging supplements for existing science curriculum. Key science concepts are presented in an easy-to-read format along with sophisticated photos and illustrations.

The low reading level and high-interest visuals make the Student Texts and reproducible activity sheets appealing to struggling readers. The standards-based programs are appropriate for on-level students,students with learning differences, and students and adults reading below grade level.

The Life Science: Student Text covers important life science concepts in clear, simple language. Full-color photos, diagrams, and illustrations support the text. Key vocabulary terms are defined and highlighted in the text.

The Life Science: Teacher's Guide - Digital Version (on CD) enables teachers to use technology to enrich instruction with reproducible PDFs. Includes reproducible activity sheets, teacher demonstrations, lab activities, chapter reviews, chapter tests, and answer keys.

The Life Science: Student Activity Journal - These consumable journals provide content-area writing practice. They include graphic organizers and writing prompts.


Key life science concepts are presented in a visually stimulating, easy-to-read format designed for struggling learners and students with learning differences. Focuses on promoting a clear understanding of the material.

Chapter Titles

  • What is an Organism?
  • The Cell
  • Classification
  • Heredity & Reproduction
  • Evolution
  • Bacteria & Viruses
  • Protists & Fungi
  • Plants
  • Animals
  • The Human Body

Classroom Digital Set Includes: 10 Student Texts, 10 Student Activity Journals, 1 Teacher's Guide - Digital Version (CD), and 1 Transparency Pack.