Life Skills For Nonreaders Games COMBO (All 5 Games) Janie Haugen-McLane

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Reading Level: Nonreaders
Interest Level: 3 - 12+

Life Skills for Nonreaders is a new series of board games designed to teach meaningful, contemporary life skills to students with intellectual and developmental disabilities who have limited or no reading skills. Each game also includes a Picture Answer Book to provide students who are nonverbal and those who need visual cues when answering an interactive way to fully participate in playing the game. The questions and answers feature symbol-supported text using SymbolStix by News-2-You. The fun games teach and review basic skills to prepare students for success in today's world.

Game Boards

Each game board features four real-world categories where students are asked to answer questions related to that topic.

Draw Cards

Each game has 80 questions divided into four real-world categories. Each of the 80 draw cards features one question with symbol-supported text, to allow students with limited or no reading skills the opportunity to participate and "read" the card independently.

Picture Answer Book

A Picture Answer Book is included with each game. For every draw-card question, there is a corresponding page in the book with possible picture answers. This allows students who are nonverbal or who have limited verbal ability to fully participate in the game by simply pointing to their answer choice.

Teacher's Guide

The Teacher's Guide features objectives and teachable moments for each of the 80 questions. The teachable moment is an optional brief, informative passage that the teacher or game facilitator can read aloud to the participants.

Game Titles Included in the Combo:

  • Behavior
  • Basic Information
  • Community
  • Social Skills
  • Money & Time

Each Game Includes: Game Board, 80 Draw Cards, Picture Answer Book, Die & Playing Pieces, and Teacher's Guide

CHOKING HAZARD: Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.