Life Skills Practice Ellen McPeek Glisan

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Reading Level 3 - 4.5
Interest Level 6 - 12

An indispensable guide for preparing students for life after high school, Life Skills Practice contains hundreds of 'real-life,' 'hands-on' scenarios that encourage student confidence in dealing with a wide variety of everyday situations. This comprehensive program is suitable for individuals with varying levels of ability, and is written in a simple, user-friendly format.

The 192 reproducible activity worksheets can be taught in any order and used for instruction or as study guides. They cover such practical everyday activities as decorating a home, dealing with illness, giving medical histories, using travelers' checks, preparing tax forms, eating on a budget, making a savings plan, and more.

The worksheet activities, which can be completed in a class period, include:

  • Making lists
  • Filling in blanks
  • Role-playing
  • Filling out charts
  • Matching vocabulary words to descriptions
  • Using indexes
  • Basic math exercises

The worksheets are divided into eight units. Each unit contains a Teacher's Guide, pre-test, and follow-up review: The Teacher's Guide includes a complete Answer Key and creative suggestions for lesson enhancement.

Being an Employee

Finding the Best Job for You, Choosing the Best Company, Being Part of a Team, Putting Your Best Foot Forward, Being a Good Employee, Understanding Financial Forms, Working with Common Job Skills, Being Involved at Work, Writing on the Job, Knowing When and What to Sign, Understanding Your Paycheck.

Doing Your Banking

Understanding Banks, Reading and Writing in Money Amounts, Getting Started, Spending Your Money, Dealing with Checks that Are Written to You, Using a Check Register, Balancing a Checking Account, Understanding Savings Accounts, Looking at Special Services, Understanding Credit, Cashing Your Paycheck.

Getting Along with Others

Responding to Others, Voicing Opinions, Understanding Emotions, Dealing with Different Moods, Using the Telephone, Making Friends, Using Manners, Showing Consideration, Asking for Help, Dealing with Peer Pressure, Getting Along with a Roommate.

Getting Organized

Understanding Time Frames, Understanding the Value of Time, Looking Ahead, Making Lists, Calling Companies, Using Answering Machines, Organizing Papers, Finding Information in Books, Having What You Need, Using Comparison Shopping Charts, Being Part of a Community.

Making Decisions

Reading Newspapers, Interpreting Advertisements, Reading Pictures, Choosing an Apartment, Spelling Names, Dealing with Illness, Living within the Law, Giving and Accepting Help, Dealing with Difficult Situations, Knowing What to Keep, Thinking and Deciding.

Running a Household

Planning Menus, Cooking, Cleaning, Dealing with Pest Control, Doing Laundry, Caring for the Environment, Moving, Decorating a Home, Dealing with Family Needs, Handling Daily Routines, Dealing with Children's School Needs.

Understanding Forms

Writing Clearly, Completing Job Applications, Sending Mail, Signing on the Dotted Line, Buying Insurance, Renting, Giving Medical Histories, Taking Part in Free Drawings, Filling Out Ownership Papers, Learning about Credit Cards, Preparing Tax Forms.

Using a Budget

Understanding Income, Understanding Expenses, Understanding Types of Stores, Eating on a Budget, Going Clothes Shopping on a Budget, Enjoying Leisure Time on a Budget, Going on Vacation, Making a Savings Plan, Spending Outside Your Budget, Cutting Back on Spending, Making Budget Decisions.

About the Author

Ellen McPeek Glisan has an M.S. in learning disabilities and started teaching in a cross-categorical classroom in a small rural Northern Illinois junior-senior high school. Writing complete programs that had a clear purpose in the lives of her students became her passion. She has created an entire line of School-to-Work materials for both regular and special education classrooms for children and adults.

264 pages • 8.5 x 11 • softcover, lay-flat binding • ©1999