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Ages: 3-12

Exciting, new ways to treat childhood apraxia of speech plus record and playback features, full-color pictures, and student data management make this app a must have.

This app lets you provide exciting, intensive practice to children who:

  • are nonverbal or have unintelligible speech
  • have inconsistent sound error patterns
  • don't demonstrate progress with traditional speech therapy approaches
  • demonstrate motor-planning deficits for speech
  • have increased errors when saying complex sound combinations

The app uses an evidence-based progression. Phonetically-controlled words let you introduce one phonemic variable at a time. A five-level cueing hierarchy gradually increases demands on motor planning. Children progress from basic syllable sequences to multisyllabic word production in sentences.

The app trains two skill areas: auditory discrimination and listening. The 240 colorful pictures are carefully organized to give a precise progression of demand on the child's motor planning skills.

  • VC/CV (up, go)
  • CVC: no change in consonant (pop, cake), change in consonant but not place (mop, sun), change in consonant and place (bed, job)
  • CVCV: no change in consonant or vowel (no-no, cocoa), change in vowel but not consonant (puppy, daddy), change in consonant and vowel
  • CVCVC (pocket, chicken)
  • Multisyllabic (bicycle, helicopter)

The cards are further categorized with markers of syllable type, sound placement, and vowels used. The illustrations are relevant to children to make therapy and carryover more meaningful and productive. The pictures match the content of the LinguiSystems Preschool Apraxia Cards.

Extra features let you:

  • hear the word as many times as you want by touching the audio button
  • record word productions and play them back
  • score word productions as correct, approximate, or incorrect
  • save previous session's data for hundreds of students
  • email data
  • randomize picture presentation
  • navigate easily with back and forth arrows

The app has 240 target words.